The 101 Books I Read in 2010

These are books that i have read since January first 2010 Most of them but not all of them are in order these do not include The books i have gotten on tape witch i did not keep a list of but  now i wish i had because i at least goten a hundred of thoes also

1 Eragon-By-christopher Paolini
2 Maximum ride-By-James Patterson
3 Schools out forever-By-James Patterson
4 Schools out forever-By-James Patterson
5 Saving the World And Other extream Sports-By-James Patterson
6 Raising dragons-By-Bryan Davis
7 The Final warning-By-James Patterson
8 Max-By-James Patterson
9 Nory Ryans song-By-Patrica Reilly Giff
10 Good master-By-kate Seredy
11 Ink Heart-By-Cornelia Funke
12 InkSpell-By-Cornelia Funke
13Percy Jackson-By-Rick Riordan
14 Seven Daughters Seven Sons -By-Barbara Cohen&Bahija lovejoy
15 the Sea Of Monsters-By-Rick Riordan
16 The titan's Curse-By-Rickrordan
17The battle Of the labryrinth-By-Rick Riordan
18 Fang-By- James Patterson
19 Angle On the square-By-gloria whelan
20 The Last Olympian-By-Rick Riordan
21Maximum ride manga 1-By- james patterson/NaraE LEE
22 Maximum ride Manga 2 -by-James patterson/NaRaE LEE
23 Year Of Impossible Good Byes -By-Sook Nyal Coi
24 Schools out forever-By-James Patterson
25 Saving the World And Other extream Sports-By-James Patterson
26 The Final warning-By-James Patterson
27 InkDeath-BY-Cornelia Funke
28 Ella Enchanted-By-Gail Carson Levine
29 Just Ella-By- Margaret Peterson Haddix
30 The thief lord-by-Cornelia Funke
31 Fairest-By-Gail Carson Levine
32 snow treasure-BY- Marie McSwigan
33 Apprentice Ruins Of Gorlan-BY- John Flanagan
34 The Burning Bridge -BY- John Flanagan
35 The Ice Bound Bridge-BY- John Flanagan
36 Running Out Of Time-BY- Margaret Peterson Haddix
37 I Am David-BY-Anne Holm
38 Battle For Skandia-BY-john Flanagan
39 The Sorcerer Of The North-BY- John Flanagan
40 The Wish-By-Gail Carson Levine
41 Enola Hlomes Mystery-By-Nancy Springer
42 Theres a Jungle Out There-BY-Ron Snell
43 The Bread Winner-By-Deborah Ellis
44 The Red Pyramid-By-Rick Riordan
45 The Fellowship of The Ring-By-J.R.R.Tolkien
46 Eldest -By- Christopher Paolini
47 The Comming Of Dragons -By-A.J.Lake
48 The Hunger Games -By-Suzanne Collins
49 Spiderwick -By-Diteriizzi Black
50 The Case Of The Left Handed Lady-By-nancy Springer
51 Spiderwick 2 -By-Diteriizzi Black
52 39 Clues The Maze of Bones -ByRick Riordan
53 The Case of the bizarre bouquets -By-Nancy Springer
54 Caching Fire  -By-Suzanne Collins
55 The Case Of the Peculiar Pink Fan -By-Nancy Springer
56 The Witch Of Black Bird Pond-By-Elizabeth Spear
57 Left Behind-By-Tim Cattaye/Jerry B.Jenkins
58 Ever-By- Gail Carson Levine
59 Siege Of Macindaw-By-John Flanagan
60 The Lighting Thief-By- Rick Riordan
61 Kings Of Camolon-By- John Flangon
62 MockingJay -By-Suzanne Colloins
63  6 enola hlomes-by-Nancy springer
64 The Gepiesys Goodbye-by- Nancy Springer
65 Uglies -by-Scott Westerfeld
66 Maximum ride manga 3-By- james patterson/NaraE LEE
67 Stink Alley_by_????????
68 Gregor the overlander -by- Suzanne Colloins
69 Pretties-by- Scott Westerfeld
70 Specals-by- Scott Westerfeld
71 Maximum Ride-By- James Patterson
72 Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports -By James Patterson
73 Extras -By- Scott Westerfeld
74 House of dark Shadows -By- Robert Liparulo
75 Caching Fire -by- Suzanne Colloins
76 The Hunger Games -by- Suzanne Colloins
77  MockingJay-by- Suzanne Colloins
78 Watcher In The Woods-By- Robert Liparulo
79 GateKeeper-By- Robert Liparulo
80 Daniel X -By- JAmes Patterson/ Michael Ledwidge
81 The Invention OF Hugo Crabret -by- brian Seiznick
82 Bogus to Bubbly -by- Scott Westerfeld
83 The City Of Ember-BY- Jeanne DuPrau
84 The Witch Of Black Bird Pond-By-Elizabeth Spear
85  Brisingr-by- Christopher Paolini
86 Amos Fortun fre man-by-Elizabeth Yates
87 why Pray-by- John F. DeVries
88 Gatherin of Days-by-?????? ???
89 Fable Haven-by- Brandon Mull
90 Tom Sawyer-by-Mark Twan
91 Gods Willl gods Best-by-???? ?????
92 Timescape-by Robert Liparulo
93 Harry potter And e Goblet Of Fire-by- J.K.rowling
94 Whirlwind-by- Robert Liparulo
95 Harry Potter Ond The Oder Of The Phoenix-by-J.K.Rowling
96 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows-by- J.K.Rowling
97 Bound For Oregon-by- Jean Van Leeuvan
98 The Lightning Thief Manga-by-??? ?????/Rick Riordan
99 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets-by- J.K.Rowling
100 The Lost Hero-by- Rick Riordan
101 FrEnZy-by-Robert Liparulo

My Eragon Tshirt
(shurtugal means Dragon Rider) Comic-Con Interview with Christopher Paolini - Part 3 by Shurtugal