Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And... She is Back!

    Dear followers I am so sorry I have abandon you, but have no fear.... for I am back!
With better writing skills, a new blog look and new name!

 Life has been crazy but I have decided to get my old blog up and running again. Yes I know it has been over two year with NO posts.... I do feel just a bit guilty.... but like I said before.... I am back.

Two years have past, so yes there is a lot to catch up on. The year is 2013 I am 16, and  junior year of high school has just begun... I am trying to come up with things about my self to wright here it is harder than you might believe. Well I have an uncontrollable love for ice cream.... and crafting is still a hobby. Please stay posted I will be writing on here more frequently :)  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 1

Ok i kinda gave up drawing my self... i guess that is kinda lame  so i am going to post an old drawing of my self.... i guess thats kinda cheating... And this is 3 days late OOPS!!!

And yea i know its all beat up

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ok ...I am Back

OK i am back ...yes over a long summer i hardly posted anything. But yes i am back.. i hope.  On November first i will start drawing a drawing every day, for the hole month at least i think i will, and post them on here my blog.  I got the idea from  http://shealynn,  she is doing it instead of doing NaNoWriMo.  I love the idea because all my friends are doing NaNoWriMo and i am just not that good of a wrighter, so i think i shall do this instead. ..

soo i hope you will see from me soon!

 please excuse my spelling an punctuation i am currently handy caped to in hand after an nasty accident with a scaple...

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey sorry everybody i haven't posted is soo long. I  Have been very busy. Well i found this recently (about 5 min ago) and thought i would share it ...I haven't actually read it yet because i cant read it very well on the computer so i will have to print it first  but ...i cant really tell u how wonderful it is because I haven't read it but ...any way *dramatic pause*....The Inheritance Excerpt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                            The Inheritance Excerpt

The sound was stabbing, slicing, shivering, like metal scraping against stone. Eragon's teeth vibrated in sympathy, and he covered his ears with his hands, grimacing as he twisted around, trying to locate the source of the noise. Saphira tossed her head, and even through the din, he heard her whine in distress.

Eragon swept his gaze over the courtyard twice before he noticed a faint puff of dust rising up the wall of the keep from a foot-wide crack that had appeared beneath the blackened, partially destroyed window where Blödhgarm had killed the magician. As the squeal increased in intensity, Eragon risked lifting a hand off one ear to point at the crack.

"Look!" he shouted to Arya, who nodded in acknowledgment. He replaced his hand over his ear.

Without warning or preamble, the sound stopped.

Eragon waited for a moment, then slowly lowered his hands, for once wishing that his hearing was not quite so sensitive.

Just as he did, the crack jerked open wider‹spreading until it was several feet across‹and raced down the wall of the keep. Like a bolt of lightning, the crack struck and shattered the keystone above the door to the building, showering the floor below with pebble-sized rocks. The whole castle groaned, and from the damaged window to the broken keystone, the front of the keep began to lean outward.

"Run!" Eragon shouted at the Varden, though the men were already scattering to either side of the courtyard, desperate to get out from under the precarious wall. Eragon took a single step forward, every muscle in his body tense as he searched for a glimpse of Roran somewhere in the throng of warriors.

At last Eragon spotted him, trapped behind the last group of men by the doorway, bellowing madly at them, his words lost in the commotion. Then the wall shifted and dropped several inches, leaning even farther away from the rest of the building, pelting Roran with rocks, knocking him off balance and forcing him to stumble backward under the overhang of the doorway.

As Roran straightened from a crouch, his eyes met Eragon's, and in his gaze, Eragon saw a flash of fear and helplessness, quickly followed by resignation, as if Roran knew that, no matter how fast he ran, he could not possibly reach safety in time.

A wry smile touched Roran's lips.

   And the wall fell.

Text © 2011 by Christopher Paolini.