Monday, February 14, 2011

Harry Potter Themed Bath robe

227                      (Looks a lot better in person the cloth is NOT that shiny but i used the flash on my camera also i am not very good at taking photos)

I made this bath robe out of a black kind of silk i found at a yard sale for cheap and a red liner i also found at another yard sale. All i did to get the cloth cut right was lay out my other bath robe and kinda made a lay out of it based off that though i would much rather had a pattern217 218

i cut one of the big one in black and red, also two of the smaller ones in black and red. I cut sleeves out too but when i was cutting them i could not find my camera. :C  in all it took me3 days to make this Saturday night to Monday night…i think that is 3 days …well sorry i havent posted in so long (not that any one reads this…)